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COMASMO TEK - Thread rolling machine and Grinding machine manufacturer

Thread rolling machines Magnaghi
Grinding machine Ribon

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Comasmo Tek - Thread rolling machine Magnaghi - Grinding machine Ribon.

Comasmo Tek specializes in designing and manufacturing special machine tools: Thread Rolling Machines , Grinding Machines, Lapping Machines, Transfer Units .

We have taken over long-established Magnaghi brand of thread rolling machines with 2 or 3 rollers; centerless grinding machines and Ribon brand of universal grinding machines; we have cherished the projects of times gone by and updated and modernized them, with constant focus on the quality of our products, from 1950 to the present day

thread rolling machine magnaghi  grinding machine ribon  centerles grinding machine  transfer units

We have a warehouse, which is always well stocked with mechanical spare parts for our thread rolling machines and grinding machines.

We design, build and restore thread, tooth and lap rolling dies, – Widia blades for thread rolling machines and centerless grinding machines. We recondition thread rolling machines and grinding machines.

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