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The 833 Thread rolling machines is a hydraulic thread rolling machine featuring 3 dies rolls tilting spindles.
Extremely sturdy pipes thread rolling machine with cast iron hexagon.
Possibility of infeed (plunge) or thrufeed rolling.
Manual or automatic operation controlled by PLC or CNC
The 803 rolling machine can be equipped with automatic piece loaders
It has a max thrust power of 16 t.
Ideal for threading (iso, acme, tpn, etc.), knurling tubes / pipes or internally hollow parts (14 – 60 mm)

3 dies thread-rolled-pieces
3 Dies Thread rolling machine features R 833
- Inclinable spindles for thrufeed bars threading
- Inclinable spindles for conical threadings
- Hydraulic or mechanical operation
Max. Force KN. 160
Max rolling diameter mm. 60
Min. rolling diameter mm. 14
Spindles diameter mm. 40 o 54
Max spindles length mm. 90
Max. infeed rolling length mm. 80
Max. penetration stroke mm. 10
Spindles inclination + - 6°
Max dies diameter mm. 140
Spindles rotation speed rpm/min. 90:400 (possibility to install inverter)
Installed power KW. 8
Net weight Kg. 2100
Overall dimension mm. 1850 x 1850 x 2000

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